A good mixture of real players and virtual instruments.

Most of the horn players in the demos are real players except for Hot Ticket which is 100% virtual instruments. All the strings are virtual as are the rhythm sections.

Real clarinet and banjo on Go, Daddy O!

Real Trumpet on Pastrami on Rye
These tracks were all written for television use.

We are all storytellers.

Your story may be simple or complex. One of intrigue or passion; It may be humorous or thought-provoking and may take many twists and turns. Your story may be sad or heartfelt.

You put your heart and soul into every detail making your story interesting and unique. Shouldn’t the music be as interesting as your story?​

My focus is on creating interesting music to help you tell your story. My compositions have been commissioned, licensed, and well-received by video editors, advertising firms, music supervisors, and theater directors from around the world.

Where have you heard my music?